Casey Walter, The Horsey Hostess

Casey has worn many hats in her life…besides a riding helmet! A graduate of Wellesley College in 2000, Casey has worked as a public middle school teacher, a yoga and meditation instructor, an executive assistant, an actress, and most recently, a Mom to her daughter, Cecelia.


In preparation for this new business, Casey has been studying the practice of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and the fundamentals of riding instruction. She has also spent time researching the work of Sharon Wilsie, the creator of Horse Speak®, as well as attending Ms. Wilsie’s clinics and workshops.

In creating The Horsey Hostess, Casey has drawn upon all of her skills combined with her warm and cheerful disposition to create a truly unique experience for her guests.

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Sweet and sensitive, Oscar loves scratches on his forehead. When he feels close to you he will lower his head into your chest and let you hold him. He loves working under saddle and wants to please his rider. He’s a special guy who likes to meet new people. He naturally approaches children with gentleness and respect.



As loving as he is is muscled, Rocky loves to deep breathe and snuggle. He enjoys time outside almost as much as he likes being groomed. Those who meet him find themselves feeling comfortable with this big boy very quickly. His steady presence is soothing and helps everyone around him to relax. For beginning adult riders, Rocky has the smoothest trot around! He has one blue eye and one brown eye making him a uniquely handsome horse.



Pete joined our family on July 16, 2019. He was a former rodeo champ who helped his riders compete in calf roping. Pete is now adjusting to his “working retirement” at our farm. He is still fairly reserved but an absolute gentleman around the barn. The first time he really reached out was when he showed concern for my daughter, who was crying. I have a feeling he will be a very empathetic and special member of our staff, perhaps specializing in work with children.


The Hens

Our 10 hens will typically run to the edge of their pen to greet our guests. They are particularly prolific in the warm months and, if you ask kindly, we may send you home with some farm fresh eggs!