Starter Social Hours


Stress Relief Social (no riding involved)

Reconnect to your balanced, peaceful, fully present self using the horses as a guide. Begin your hour with a simple body scan meditation followed by some centering, deep breathing. We will then enjoy some basic stretching with the help of our horses. Enjoy soothing, rhythmic equine activities such as grooming, leading, and rocking (yes rocking!).

Strictly Social…Social (no riding involved)

Looking for a fun, relaxing, “totally Saratoga” activity? Spend some time learning about and working with horses! We will begin with the basics of horsey etiquette from proper greetings and signals of friendship to asking to go for a walk with your equine friend. From there you can decide if you’d like to complete an obstacle course with your new horse buddy or ask them to trot in a circle around you. We will end with horsey hugs and proper “horse-language” goodbyes.

Scaredy Cat Social (no riding involved)

Have you always wanted to get near a horse but were too nervous? Are you worried that horses are unpredictable and unsafe? Then this is the hour for you! We will begin with some basics of horse behavior and communication to increase your understanding of equines. We will take things as slowly as you require, checking in frequently to be sure that you feel empowered by your experience and not pressured. Our goal for the hour will be discussed upon your arrival.

Simply You Social

Have your own idea about how you would like to spend your hour or half-hour? Want to host a Horsey Birthday Party or Bridal Shower? Perhaps you would like to work on Corporate Team Building with a Picnic Lunch? Tell us about it! We can develop a personalized program that is enriching for both you and for the horses.

So You Think You Want To Ride Social (one hour required, limit 2 adults or 1 child)

Always dreamed of riding but aren’t quite sure how to go about it? Afraid that you might back out when it’s time to get on? Let us help get you started! We will begin with the basics of horse grooming and tack. On the ground we will observe how horses move and how we, as riders, desire to move with them. There is no pressure to ride during this hour, only an invitation. This is a PERFECT hour for children or teens starting in riding!

Strictly Riding Social (limit 2 adults or 1 child)

Already decided that you would like to give riding a try? We’re here for you! We will work with your mount from the ground to observe equine movement, practice balance, and prepare your body for riding. Once on the horse, we will focus on “grounding” yourself in the saddle, correct breathing, and other riding fundamentals.

Second Time Around Social (limit 2 adults or 1 child)

Used to ride and would like to get back in the saddle? We are ready to welcome you back! We will begin with brief groundwork both on a short lead and on the longe line. After mounting, we will work on finding a balanced seat, using clear aids, and developing “quiet hands”. We will not progress to advanced gaits in this hour.


2019 Rates

Private Half Hour: $50.00

Private One Hour: $75.00

2 Guests, One Hour: $125.00

3-4 Guests, One Hour: $225.00


4 Private Half Hours: $180.00

4 Private Social Hours: $270.00

4 Social Hours for 2 Guests: $450.00

PLEASE NOTE: Weight limit for riders is 225 lbs. Children under 8 years of age welcome only with express permission from The Horsey Hostess. All participants under 18 years of age will be required to wear safety helmets at all times while working with the horses.