Guest Comments

“We had a wonderful time. Casey was very patient with my son. He felt very comfortable and safe!!” Melanie S., Clifton Park, NY, via Square

“I had an absolutely wonderful hour today with a horse named Pete. I booked the hour to learn to be present in the moment and try to relax. Casey (the Horsey Hostess) was such a knowledgeable and gentle guide . She knows her horses and how they interpret your feelings. She takes you through several activities (if you are comfortable) helping the horse help YOU to be in the moment as they always are. I have tried meditation, yoga etc. but they all seem a bit too quiet for me. When I first began the lesson I was worried the horse might bite me, step on my foot.... with Casey's help that fear became a respect for an animal that was choosing to let me relax and forget everything else and be in the moment as was my goal. As Casey said " he has your back". I felt listened to, cared for and peaceful. This all came from Pete. Now, if I want to relax or be present, I see Pete 's beautiful face and remember what he taught me. I definitely will return.” Betsy K., Malta, NY, via

“The Horsey Hostess was a wonderful experience to share with my granddaughter. We both shared a wonderful time with Oscar and meeting the others. Casey was very patient, and explained all about the horses needs and how we should approach them prior to our ride...since it was our first experience we were then all ready and fully comfortable prior to getting on the horse, we were also able to pet, and brush Oscar before riding so he too could get to know us. We for sure will be back...and i highly recommend you give it a try also.... Thank you again Casey for saving the day and see you real soon.” Jennifer D., Saratoga Springs, NY, via Facebook

“Had such a wonderful time learning about Pete and his gang at The Horsey Hostess. We learned how horses think and communicate with us and each other. Casey is warm, informative and gracious and really allowed us to customize our time together. We can't wait to go back!” Christa H., Saratoga Springs, NY via Facebook

“My sister and I had an incredible time at the Horsey Hostess! Casey is a wonderful instructor; she is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and sweet. We got to ride Oscar and Rocky, and they were the absolute best! Can't wait to go back.” Casey B., Austin, TX via

“My 16 yr old daughter had a wonderful experience and after greeting and learning Oscar’s personality was able to walk/trot and even Canter a little! (Prior riding experience for ~2 years). We highly recommend the Horsey Hostess. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable about her horses and teaching.” D. Meyer, Rexford, NY via

“Casey you are an amazing instructor and I highly recommend you!” Tia T., Malta, NY via Facebook

"Having my 3 Grandchildren for a long weekend, naturally I wanted to spoil them! However, rather than filling their bellies with junk food, or bedrooms and closets with more stuff, I was very pleased to discover The Horsey Hostess. Casey is a very personable expert. The children learned a great deal, exercised their best behavior and listening skills, and had too much fun to realize it!
Thank you, Casey and Rocky, for the priceless memories made. We really enjoyed spending time with you, you're just terrific!!" Tammy B., Wilton, NY


“Very friendly and beautiful horses. Such a great business that you opened. Thank you again for making it a really nice experience.”

Mikayla S., Latham, NY

(Photo provided by guest and shared with permission)